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Personalized Wood Calendars

Personalized pieces add that little something extra for a gift to another or in your home. The skilled designers and craftsmen at Sylvan Creek know you want your gift or home accessory to stand out, that is why we offer a personal touch. When you gift a wood calendar from Sylvan Creek, you get to decide the color, what it says and even the font you would like to see printed on your piece. A unique and personal touch to a classic staple will liven any space!

Some benefits of these calendars are that they are not printed with the year, so they are a reusable alternative to paper calendars. Whether they will be displayed on a desk or shelf, they are compact as to not take too much space and sure to bring a pop of color and fun to the décor!

Reclaimed Wood Signs

Let’s talk about reclaimed wood; most of us think about a retired building with beautiful flooring that is carefully removed and sold at a premium.  The thought is that these wood pieces can never be bought with that kind of character from even the best home stores. With that, reclaimed wood has climbed into the upper echelon of exclusive home décor, so how can anyone integrate that character into a home without spending the time and resources to acquire it?

Sylvan Creek Designs is proud to have taken that step for you to offer customized reclaimed wood signs so anyone can enjoy the beauty of these wooden finds without the hassle or price. We wanted to make a positive impact on the way materials are utilized and discovered they could be given new life by upcycling them into something unique for your home. Each sign has been carefully pieced together and designed by a skilled craftsman from locally sourced reclaimed wood allowing it to transition into your décor, rather than contribute to our landfills.

We are proud to be contributing to the environment by offering these highly sought after finds to you, and you can feel good knowing your new décor piece is reducing waste while adding that special something to your space.