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Calligraphy as Creative Expression

Creative expression refers to participation in a range of activities that allow for creative and imaginative expression such as music, art, creative movement and drama. To say that words on a page cannot be considered within this category is to denounce the power of the written word. A handwritten note has fallen victim to the rise of technological communication. In a globalized civilization where ‘snail mail’ as a concept has replaced the intimacy of a written note, I make it a point to continue the art.

It has become far too easy to categorize art into its many constructs and defining features. The bold outer curve that comes together with a fine stroke to create an ‘e’ is just as dramatic as the uniform, all capital letter spelling of any word or phrase. Dramatic, dainty, bold, capitalized, miscellaneous; the boundaries of our creative expression are limited only by our mentality.

What is calligraphy without the handwritten note? What significance would the handwritten note have if technology did not prevail as it does? To be surprised by a letter in the mail is a wonderful moment in which we subconsciously and intimately connect with the sender. At one point the personalized note was a staple of each birthday; the kids wrote letters to each guest and thanked him or her for their generosity yet today this is lost due to the convenience of social media pages.

If we had the ability to look at letters written from hundreds of people when it was still common practice, the diversity in style, bold accents, thin lettering and so many other elements of writing would come alive! In a way, we are all calligraphers; each of us has a unique style of communicating the same message with a different flair. Writing is the oldest means through which humans have communicated and calligraphy is arguably how we have always expressed emotion.

Some Tips

If it has been a while since sending a note to someone in your life, go ahead and take some time to send an update of your life or even a friendly hello. It might just make someone’s day!

Before writing in a notecard write your message on piece of paper, this way you can clearly communicate! You might even think of a fun way to write it out or add a small drawing to make it more personalized and use all the space on the card.

Calligraphy has no rules, so allow your pen to navigate the page in any way you choose!


I thoroughly enjoy the call I receive once a friend or relative has opened my note, it is always a welcome and wonderful conversation! -Alex, contributing editor

The Art of Delicacy

As a child, painting on my easel with only the primary colors to highlight my creative expression, I would stare. I would ponder at my art and think it to be worth its weight in gold, yet as I grew in my artistic understanding and age I began to doubt. I would ask myself how I might express my most delicate of messages or whether it was even possible. As the range of artistic mediums expanded, the ways in which I could harness a moment followed. A realization came as well that the ways in which one may choose to express delicacy or the rawness of exaggeration may not be similar to that of others; and that in-and-of itself is beautiful.

To be traditionally delicate is to act with an air of intricacy among calculated passion. Delicacy in art, as in nature, can be what allows one’s message and expression captivate the onlooker. As with most subjective forms of expression, there is no inherently right or wrong way to approach or display a delicate tone. To be delicate with watercolor may not translate similarly to other mediums of expression. In delicacy, there is a desire to portray something of simplicity, elegance, or even display emotion. In contrast is exaggeration; those bold, excitable lines and contrasts generate the relation of feeling from artist to admirer.

In no way is it impossible to find one’s own creative means through which to project an air of deliberate delicacy, and there should be no shame in learning from the efforts of seasoned artists. Nature shares with us the ease with which it may project both a bold statement and retain elegant simplicity. Skills are learned and for an artist to creatively express thoughts, feelings or beliefs in a delicate form, or lack-there-of is truly an unappreciated phenomenon.

Art is representative of the artist; allowing another to dictate your personal expression destroys the sanctity of individuality and difference in opinion. Create with a stroke of pen, pencil, brush or pastel that speaks to your message despite whether it is ‘traditionally delicate’. -A, contributing editor

Photograph courtesy of Amaranth Photography